Steelmax Tools

Welding and Cutting Automation, Plate & Pipe Bevelers, Metal Cutting Saws & Blades, Mag Drills & Cutters, Lifting Magnets and Abrasive Belt Grinders

  • SBM20 Beveling Machine
  • DBM50 Double Beveler
  • BM16 Portable Beveler
  • Torch Runner Portable Cutter
Welding and Cutting Automation Tools

Welding Automation saves money and produces consistent high-quality welds in a fraction of the time required by hand welding.

Welding and Cutting Automation Tools

Cutting Automation tools like our manhole cutter and gantry welding system for beam welding.

Plate Bevelers

Heavy-duty plate bevelers for precision plate beveling, available in self-propelled and manually-operated versions.

Plate Bevelers

Portable pipe bevelers and high-speed beveling systems for large pipe beveling jobs.

Metal Cutting Saw Blades

Metal Cutting Saw Blades for long-lasting performance. Cut mild, stainless or thin steel and aluminum.

Metal Cutting Saws

Our Metal Cutting Saws are more efficient than your current portable metal cutting process! Cut a variety of metals, plastics and wood with our portable saws.

Mag Drills

Steelmax mag drills maintain rigidity and accuracy throughout the life of the drill while prolonging annular cutter life by reducing movement of the cutter.

Lifting Magnets

Steelmax Max Lifters use permanent magnets for holding steel without electricity. Max Lifter magnets hold up to 4400 lbs (2000 kg).