Stainless Steel Fast Freeze Welding Electrode

Special Vertical Position Stainless Steel Electrode

  • Unique “Fast Freeze” coating simplifies vertical down and up welding.
  • Ideal for poor fit up joints in all positions.
  • Controlled Weld puddle allows for filling holes on stainless steels.

International Specifications

  • AWS/ASME a 5.4: E 316L-16
  • DIN 8556: E 19.12.3 LR 16
  • NFA 81-343: EZ 19.12.3 LR 16
  • EN 1600: E 19 12 3 L R 3 1
  • ISO 3581: E 19.12.3 LR 16


Especially suited for vertical down and up welding of thin to medium gauge molybdenum bearing stainless steels.


Austenite with 3-9% ferrite. Typical ferrite number is 6.

Typical Mechanical Properties
Undiluted Weld Metal Maximum Value Up to:
Tensile Strength: 80,000 PSI (550 N/mm2)
Yield Strength: 56,000 PSI (390 N/mm2)
Elongation: 42%
Impact Energy : 40J: -157F (-105C)
Hardness: Brinell 209, Rockwell B96

Welding Positions:

Flat, Horizontal, Vertical up, Vertical down, Overhead

Welding Techniques:

For vertical welding, set amperage at high end of the scale. Maintain a sharp angle with the electrode pointing upward. Whip the electrode quickly back and forth while moving up or down. Electrode may show a red color from the excess amperage which is normal.