QSS 323XC Super

Superior All-Position, Controlled Low Hydrogen Electrode

QSS 323XC SUPER is a high tensile low, medium carbon and low alloy high tensile ferritic electrode, with a very high quality, low amperage, featuring high all position welding with X-Ray quality. Deposits are dense and crack free. Superior impact resistance at normal and sub-zero temperatures. Very flexible flux.

The improved successor to our 324XC.


TI and AR plate for “tramp” and “problem” steels, high in sulfur, phosphorous or other elements added to improve the machinability of the steel. For pressure vessels, boiler pipes and heavy duty equipment. Will weld through tar, rust, paint, cement. Good slag removal.

Technical Data
Tensile 89,000 PSI
Elongation 32%
Current AC or DC reverse


3/32 60-100
1/8 90-150
5/32 140-200
3/16 180-220