QSS 237

Extreme Abrasion and High Impact

QSS 237 is a patented tubular electrode with a totally waterproof flux coating. The carbides are compressed eliminating conventional binders and fillers. The best possible hard overlay for extreme scratch abrasion by quartz, silica sand, glass and granite with a matrix of 61-63 RC. It requires less current than conventional electrodes and has a 2-3 times higher deposition rate with less bare metal dilution and a 50% higher deposit efficiency. Extreme abrasion and high impact.


For hard facing mild -, high carbon -, manganese steels, can also be used on cast iron and to repair and rebuild chilled castings (special procedure for ni-hard, ni-resist and diam-alloy). Augers, shovels & loader buckets, teeth, mixer paddles, plow shares, chains, hammers etc. In extreme abrasion requirements melt tungsten rods into weld puddle. Preheating to 400°C is recommended on carbon and alloy steels when using stringer beads.

1/4″ 50-125 all position
5/16″ 100-200
7/16″ 125-380