HA 68 and HA 68-0

This is Possibly the Best General Purpose Hard Surface in the Business.

HA 68 and HA 68-0is the hardest overlay next to tungsten carbides, it is also economical since it has no flux to speak of. Small diameters are all position. It withstands extreme abrasion with medium impact. The wire is crack free on first pass and all position. Even on heavy built-up.


Use on buckets, grapples, teeth, wear shoes, rippers, snow chains, hog hammer cages, anvils and agricultural equipment. For high carbon steel, alloy and mild steel. Minimum dilution and a 50% higher deposit efficiency.

Technical Data:

63-68 RC

HA 68 and HA 68-0 Specifications
Amps (rod) Amps (wire) Voltage (wire)
1/8 inch DIA. = 110-145 1/16 inch DIA. = 175-350 (200 optimum) 10″and 12″ spools 25lb each or 60lb coils 26-30 volt AC or DC +
5/32 inch DIA. = 125-160 7/64 inch DIA. = 275-475 60lb coils (special order only) On high deposition rates DC- is recommended.
3/16 inch DIA .= 160-200 .045 inch DIA. = 125 + (only 61-62RC) 10″and 12″spools 25lb each. This size is used for heavier build-up (more than two passes). Can be used with or without shielding gas (75/25 or Trimix)