HA 67

High hardness tool steel electrode for high speed tool steels. Deposits maintain a very sharp edge. Weld metal maintains many of its properties at elevated temperatures. Applications: for repair and reclamation of high speed cutting and machining tools.

Typical Mechanical Properties
Undiluted Weld Metal Maximum Value Up to:
Hardness (as welded) Rockwell C 58-62
Hot Hardness Rockwell C 56 at 1100F (600C)
Heat Treated Rockwell C 63-65

Recommended Current: CD Reverse (+), Straight (-) or AC

Recommended Amperage Settings
Diameter(mm) 3/32 (2.5) 1/8 (3.25) 5/32 (4.0)
Minimum Amperage 45 80 110
Maximum Amperage 90 120 150

Welding Positions:

Flat, Horizontal, Vertical up

Welding Techniques:

When welding on tool steel, preheat the part to 1100F (600C) and maintain this temperature during welding. Allow parts to cool slowly.