P& D Logging of Kelowna has been using QSS Wear Plates on their D-9 Cat for the past year with amazing results. Rod reports a dramatic increase in life not ony on the Cat Blade but also on their sub-soiler equipment.

Tolko Industries (Lavington) has started using QSS Hardfacing on their hog hammers and extended the life of the hammers by using a specific technique of application. Using QSS HA-68-0 Hardfacing Wire the hammers are running a minimum of 5 times longer.

Gormans Mill of Kelowna has just started using the QSS Wear Bars on all of their heavy log loading equipment after a very successful trial run which significantly increased the life of their loader replacement tips.

Interfor, Castlegar, has tripled life of its feed hog auger by using QSS Wear Bars and QSS Hardfacing. Dan and Len report the increase after they would normally rebuild the system every 11 months. They have now added the QSS Wear Bars to other parts of the system.

L & M Lumber of Vanderhoof have been using QSS Wear Pads on their heavy equipment, such as their Wagners and Loaders for the past 12-15 years. George at L & M suggests he is getting three years of service out of the QSS 9924 Wear Pads before having to replace them, saving L & M Lumber thousands of dollars on fork replacement.